How to insert Yoga in everyday life

Mar 21, 2018 14:03 in Yoga

Find the time to practice Yoga every day!

Would you like to start practicing Yoga but do you think you do not have enough time available because your days are too busy? Or do you already practice but you're not regular enough? It's time to change habits and start to incorporate Yoga into everyday life more consistently.

You will really notice the benefits of Yoga on your body and on your mind only with constant practice. Yoga and meditation are able to transform your life from the first lesson onwards. So knowing how to cut out the space to practice Yoga during the day is really essential.

We start from the importance of participating in Yoga classes conducted by a qualified teacher. You can decide to follow a Yoga course that includes one or two lessons a week.

Usually, the Yoga centers and the gyms have very rich programs of proposals and well differentiated according to the schedules and needs of the participants.

On the basis of your commitments you can decide when to insert the Yoga class to follow, for example in the morning, in the evening when returning from work or after dinner but also during the lunch break. Please note that a Yoga class has a duration that varies from 60 to 90 minutes but there can be shorter meetings, for example from 45 minutes, suitable to be included during lunch break.

Once you have chosen the most suitable Yoga course for you, you can take a cue from the practices proposed by the teacher to give shape to your daily moments to devote to Yoga. The best idea is to find a little 'time - initially, it can take 15-20 minutes - in the morning and/or in the evening to devote to their personal practice.

Start from the simplest positions that are suitable both at the time of awakening - when the body is still a bit 'stiff - and in the evening, to prepare for a good sleep.

When you practice Yoga at home you can decide to dedicate yourself to asanas or relaxation, concentration or meditation exercises depending on your needs of the moment and time available. The short relaxation and warm-up exercises that you will learn in class will be especially suitable during breaks during the day, even when you have five minutes free in the office.

If you cannot stop practicing asanas at the workplace, you can go out in the open air and take a walk or walk to the nearest park, relax, practice a brief practice – such as a Sun Salutation - or meditate.

One last suggestion, perhaps the most important: in reality, the true practice of Yoga does not take place when we are on the mat but in the actions, we perform in our daily life. From the asanas and from meditation she learns above all to breathe deeply, to remain calm and to have a clear mind to make the best choices.

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