Why you should avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Apr 27, 2018 18:04 in Yoga

It is well known that a sedentary lifestyle is not good for health, but it seems that in recent years many have forgotten it. The sedentary lifestyle has in fact taken more than ever the upper hand and every year there are more and more people who adopt "sedentary" habits thus laying the foundations for future health problems.

There are many ways to combat a sedentary lifestyle and yoga is definitely one of the most effective

There are those who lead a sedentary life because of work, those who laziness, those who do not have time to do sports but it is certain that in recent years, sedentary is a problem that has grown exponentially. More and more people prefer to take the car instead of taking a walk, prefer to stand in front of the computer rather than doing sports or spend many hours on the couch, mostly in positions that often also cause back pain.

This kind of attitude in the short term does not cause anything at all, in fact, you think you're more comfortable or resting, is not it? But in the long term? Have you ever thought about it?

According to the World Health Organization, about 3.2 million deaths each year can be associated with a sedentary lifestyle or without exercise. In fact, there are many disorders that seem to be isolated in isolation but then, if you analyze the type of life done by those involved, a marked sedentariness often comes out.

If you add to all this a bad diet, smoke and pollution, the health risks increase even more. Some factors such as pollution, genetics and many others cannot be controlled, but doing physical activity depends only on you and nothing else.

You must know that some research compares the problems that cause sedentariness to those of nicotine and this should surely make you think.

The main issue is that smoking is very much talked about instead of the problem of sedentary lifestyle is completely undervalued and therefore also neglected.

Even if you often forget it, the body is the "means" that will accompany you throughout your life. In every phase of your growth it will always be present and if this medium is in bad condition it will surely be felt. But if so, why not take care of it then? And above all how to do it?

According to yoga, the body is the temple of our soul and should be kept both clean and functioning. The body can be compared in some way to a car. If you never use what happens to the vehicle? It rusts, the gears get old and so, when we need to make a trip, the car will not be able to take us where we want. The body is the same. If you do not use it and embrace a sedentary lifestyle instead, your gears (bones, muscles, joints, etc.) will grow old, become rusty and so with the passage of time, it will give you problems over and over again.

You don’t have to go straight to 10 in one day but, adding a little bit of some outdoor activity, some gentle stretch and creating a healthy and more dynamic routine will easily be the first step towards a brand new lifestyle made up of health and happiness.

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