Yoga: the natural remedy for anxiety & depression

Mar 15, 2018 21:03 in Yoga

Yoga: the natural remedy you were looking for. A healthier body and a stronger mind.

There are more and more studies that testify how the practice of yoga, breathing techniques, alleviate the symptoms of depression in people who are affected, relieving symptoms and supporting the more traditional pharmacological or psychological therapy.

The practice of Yoga and Asanas (physical postures) helps to counteract anxiety depression because it reduces stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, inducing relaxation. Once the relaxation response is activated, many people feel that instead of trying to escape their feelings, they can stay with them, which is essential for identifying the psychological factors that trigger anxiety and depression.

Generally, the first way Westerners learn to build awareness in yoga is to practice poses: the instructions received are mainly used to give the occupied mind something to focus on and hold the presence in the present moment.

For people with anxiety, this is a special blessing. In addition to its physiological benefits, yoga teaches awareness, a valuable skill for people who struggle with anxiety or depression.

The same is undoubtedly feasible with yoga as a support in the disease: the goal in developing this type of intervention is not to replace conventional care, but rather to extend the therapeutic options so that more people can benefit from it.

The most positive aspect of yoga is that it manages to achieve important results without causing any side effects. The instructions during the lessons also force to tune the subtle shifts that occur in the body through specific and gentle movements.

As you become more aware of these changes, you will notice slight changes in your mind and mood, tangibly sensing how your body and mind are connected.

The practice of Yoga teaches the kind of acceptance needed to manage those situations and increase the sense of inner peace and trust: to live moments when you want to get out of a pose because it is uncomfortable, it seems too difficult or arouses difficult emotions is frequent, but yoga, especially in this type of support, teaches how to feel and use the breath to recognize one's condition and situation, and very often to overcome it thanks to these techniques.

One of the most confusing symptoms of depression and situations of discomfort or illness is the sense of isolation and disconnection from oneself and from the world around.

As we open ourselves to physical practice, breathing or meditation, and to yoga philosophy we can perceive more openly as there is no separation between self and the rest of the universe.

The intervention of yoga can be summarized with the potential therapeutic elements that include: the physical activity involved in taking yoga poses, the regulation of breathing in specific models, the sense of calm that comes from meditation and the deep relaxation in the pose final rest.

Previous clinical studies suggest that each of these elements of yoga may include an 'active ingredient' having its own mechanism of anti-depressive action and support in the care that is followed.

It is always the right moment to approach Yoga.


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